Fans of retro "raised" Packard 1608

Fans of retro Yekaterinburg fans of retro restored favorite car of presidents and gangsters - Packard 1608 1938 issue.This car was destroyed, along with several other rare models in 2000 as a result of a fire in the house, which was previously the club. From legendary auto left only the frame and the metal suspension parts. Fire had destroyed the body, burned rubber, wooden and leather parts, damaged the engine.To restore the machine helped by the fact that one of the Ekaterinburg collectors is also a member of the Packard club".More than four years left on correspondence with the admirers of this brand, finding and buying the missing parts and auto parts. Then the charred frame of the machine taken in Belgium in restoration workshops. Restoration work lasted three years. Today, the legendary car is again in Yekaterinburg.According to experts, Packard 1608 is a gem in the collection of FC Aviaretro". Читать полностью -->

Saleen introduced two high performance versions of the Ford Mustang

Saleen introduced two high performance versions of the Ford MustangOn Tuesday, the American tuning Studio Saleen Automotive, specializing in the creation of "charged" versions of Ford introduced his two new developments - H302 and H302SC, which will be released in a limited edition of 500 and 200 copies, respectively. These cars, built on the base coupe Ford Mustang, an aggressive aerodynamic body kit and upgraded technical stuffing.Both machines are equipped with a five-liter petrol engine, developed by Saleen yourself. Motor tuning Mustang H302 develops 390 HP, and thanks to the installation of brand mechanical supercharger Saleen power of the same unit in the version H302SC will reach 580 horsepower. The dynamic characteristics of these vehicles are not reported.In addition, both cars also got an improved six-speed manual transmission, the new sports suspension and more effective chetyrehporshnevye brakes with 355 mm discs, and exclusive 19-inch wheels made of aluminum alloy with low-profile Pirelli tires.The production of "charged" Ford Mustang H302 started already in October of the current year. The beginning of the release H302SC scheduled for December. The cost H302 in the United States is slightly less than 57 thousand dollars, and 580-strong modification of this machine will cost almost 75 thousand Читать полностью -->

Updated convertible Saab 9-3

Updated convertible Saab 9-3For the 60th anniversary of the Swedish company, which Saab will celebrate this summer, the model 9-3 will get a new face.First, the network appeared the spy photos of the Saab 9-3 wagon, and now you can evaluate and 9-3 convertible, a sedan which almost hides the camouflage. The current generation of convertible has not been updated since 2003.The front part of the body of the new 9-3 will be a little more aggressive and get massive grille in the style of the Aero X Concept. Note the V-shaped tab on the hood. It is expected that surround grille and headlights will be made of chromium. Also updated both bumpers, door handles and rear lights.Wheels24.02.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Ford and Mazda will spend $ 29 million on the Chinese JV

Ford and Mazda will spend $ 29 million on the Chinese JV The Ford jointly with Mazda and its Chinese partner Chang'an Auto - expect to invest approximately 58 million dollars in the expansion of automobile production in China. As reported himself Ford will spend on this 20,3 million dollars, Mazda - 8,7, and a Chinese company almost $ 29 million. The distribution of shares in the joint venture will remain the same: 50% belongs to Chang'an Auto, 35 percent of Ford, and the remaining 15 percent of Mazda.Such a large investment, analysts say, is justified only in 2007, sales of cars produced by the company, increased by 60 percent to 217 thousand pieces, which allowed Chang'an Ford Mazda in the top ten of China's largest automakers. And the plant capacity after expansion will be 410 thousand cars per year.The greatest demand in China is Ford Focus, as well as two new Chinese market - minivan Ford S-Max and new Ford Mondeo sedan. In addition, the Chinese JV now going sedans Mazda2.Note also that as a result of new financial investments share capital Chang'an Ford Mazda will grow to 350 million . Читать полностью -->

Fiat Panda swam across the English channel

Fiat Panda swam across the English channel Italian designer Maurizio Zanisi (Maurizio Zanisi) for 6 hours crossed the English channel on:your car. Fiat Panda was remade in amphibian and swam from England to France, according to Auto.Lenta.Ru.Now Sanity expects to get in his car to his native Italy. To make Fiat Panda swim, Sanity equipped with inflatable podosome to keep the vehicle afloat. In addition, the unique Fiat Panda is able to take up water and then throw it under pressure, which allows the car to `go` on the water.Crossing the English channel became the main challenge for amphibians Fiat Panda. Before this car successfully crossed the lake in Italy and even tried to swim across the Mediterranean sea. Your car Italian designer evaluates 100 thousand dollars.avtorinok.ru25.07.2006. Читать полностью -->

The January auto show in Detroit "thinner" in front of

The January auto show in Detroit Every day the organizers of the Detroit auto show experience more and more. Before the show there is less than eight weeks and one after the other exhibitors withdraw their applications for participation.So, Cobo Hall will not see in their walls either Nissan or Infiniti. Moreover, they will not go in Chicago in February. The only argument they called "depressed economic situation". But this is not the only brand that has decided to refrain from participating in the event.In Detroit also do not go Mitsubishi, Ferrari, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Suzuki. Apparently, it's not all refused to participate Читать полностью -->

In 2009, the British would launch a 700-strong electric car - Hire

In 2009, the British would launch a 700-strong electric car - HireThe British company Lightning Car on Thursday announced its intention next year to start serial production of the 700-strong electric car, dubbed the GT site reports to representatives of Lightning Car body new items are planned to be made from carbon fiber and Kevlar, the designer was able to achieve the weight of the machine axes in the proportions of 48:52. The vehicle will be driven by located in the four wheels of the motor, the capacity of each of which is more than 120 kilowatts. The electric motors are powered by a special NanoSafe lithium batteries, can be recharged thanks to the system of energy recovery during braking. The British company said that the Lightning GT will be possible to drive more than 400 miles, charge the batteries within just ten minutes.It is expected that the serial electric Lightning GT can accelerate from zero to 96 kilometres per hour in four seconds and reaches a top speed of 210 kilometers per hour.Currently, the company has already started taking orders for this car with the first installment in the amount of 15 thousand pounds sterling (about 30 thousand US dollars).auto.lenta.ru07.03.2008. . . Читать полностью -->

The GAZ group and Magna will work together to produce components

The GAZ group and Magna will work together to produce components The GAZ group and the canadian company Magna on Saturday will sign an agreement on strategic partnership. This is with reference to the Federal industry Agency PRIME-TASS informs. In the ceremony of signing of this document will be attended by the head of Rosprom Boris Aleshin.According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", in the framework of a future partnership between the parties intend to establish in Russia the production of parts and components to build cars Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus, license and equipment for the production of which GAZ acquired in April 2006. In addition, GAZ group is interested in the localization of production of individual parts for commercial vehicles Maxus, which should appear on the Russian market in 2008.It is worth mentioning that Magna produced plastic parts, the individual elements of the exterior and bumpers for cars Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus when they were made in the USA. So a canadian company without difficulty will be able to supply the GAZ group all the necessary equipment, to establish it and to start production.lenta.ru17.11.2006. . Читать полностью -->

Ford Fusion will get a new motor

Ford Fusion will get a new motor Ford recently announced their work on a V6 engine with EcoBoost technology. But, as it became known, is almost ready new two-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost. It is expected that Fusion will get this motor in 2010.The new system combines the technologies of turbocharging and direct injection, which leads to increased power at lower engine capacity. The first unit of the EcoBoost 3.5 liter V6 will appear next summer at the Lincoln MKS.The company notes that it is too early to talk about the specifics of the new four-cylinder engine, but it will allow you to save fuel without sacrificing "horses". Four-cylinder EcoBoost engine power will correspond to the six-cylinder, but to consume less . Читать полностью -->

All-wheel drive version of the BMW 7-Series will appear in the 2009

All-wheel drive version of the BMW 7-Series will appear in the 2009 BMW has started testing in winter conditions (in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi) four-wheel drive modification sedan, 7-Series, according to German publication Automobilwoche with reference to the statement of the representatives of the German brand. It is expected that the car will be presented in October next year at the motor show in Frankfurt, then on the European market will begin its sale.The novelty will receive the all-wheel drive system xDrive, in normal conditions, the engine torque is distributed between front and rear axle in the proportions of 30:70 and 40:60 as on other BMW models. In addition, the weight of a new modification of "sevens" in comparison with other versions will increase by 50 pounds, will increase ground clearance and fuel consumption (0.2-0.4 l), and also it will help when hill descent - Hill Descent Control.According to Automobilwoche, a prototype four-wheel drive "sevens" BMW is equipped 407-strong eight-cylinder motor, which, as expected, will be offered for the production car. What other engines from the range of 7-Series will be available for versions with all-wheel drive, not yet reported.Supplement for full drive for BMW 7-Series will be in Europe from 2500 to 2800 . . Читать полностью -->

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