Buick caught up with Lexus reliability rating J.D. Power - Car

Buick caught up with Lexus reliability rating J.D. Power - CarThe American center for consumer research at J.D. Power announced a new rating of quality of hire. It is based on interviews with the owners of cars model year 2004 after three years of operation. Experts estimate the number of detected during this period of technical shortcomings and failures. Most high quality build distinguished Lexus and Buick - 145 defects per 100 cars.Rating of cars (number of faults per 100 cars after 36 months of operation):Buick - 145; Lexus - 145; Cadillac - 162; Mercury - 168; Honda - 169; Toyota - 178; BMW - 182; Lincoln - 182; Subaru - 192; Oldsmobile - 196; Jaguar - 197; Acura - 207; Mercedes-Benz - 212; Infiniti - 215; Jeep - 219; Pontiac - 220; Scion - 220; Ford - 221; GMC - 222; Chevrolet - 226; Hyundai - 228; Mitsubishi - 228; Volvo - 230; Audi -234; Dodge - 236; Hummer - 242; Mini - 247; Chrysler - 249; Porsche - 252; Nissan - 274; Saturn - 274; Kia - 288; Mazda - 289; Volkswagen - 298; Saab - 319; Isuzu - 322; Suzuki - 324; Land Rover - 398.In addition, experts J.D. Читать полностью -->

The car for $2500 already on the conveyor

The car for $2500 already on the conveyorWhen in January of this year, the Indian company Tata presented their new car called the Nano, no one believed. Not sure what Tata will sell this car for $2500 - this price was initially declared by the leaders of the company. But then Nano showed at the Geneva motor show. Leaders Tata again they said that the car will cost $2500. And again no one believed.But the Indians didn't care. They strenuously tested the car in India (one Nano even filmed on a mobile phone camera). Читать полностью -->

At the Russian plant of VW produced by the 10-strong car - Hire

At the Russian plant of VW produced by the 10-strong car - HireOn Thursday the Russian Volkswagen plant in Kaluga was assembled 10-seat car. As stated in the official report marks the anniversary vehicle was a VW Passat sedan in picking Highline, painted silver and feature a 1.8-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 160 horsepower.Recall that the production of cars at the plant in Kaluga began in late November of last year. Currently the plant by means of SKD Assembly produced the Volkswagen Passat and Jetta and Skoda Octavia and Octavia Tour. In 2009, German companies intend to start the body work, paint shop and Assembly shop. After that, the pipeline company will face budget sedan, which will be built on the base model Polo and will be equipped with the 1.4 - and 1.6-liter gasoline engines. It is expected that the cost of such a vehicle will be about ten thousand dollars.Earlier it was reported that this year the volume of production at the Russian plant of Volkswagen will be 66 million cars in 2009 - 115 thousand, and by 2010 the company will reach its maximum capacity of 150 thousand cars.auto.lenta.ru18.04.2008. Читать полностью -->

Director General of "KAMAZ" wants to become the head of AVTOVAZ

Director General of General Director of JSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogogin decided to head Volga automobile plant. This is with reference to a source close to the "KAMAZ", reports "Kommersant". As expected, about your decision too will announce this week after returning from vacation.According to experts, in this case, two of the largest automotive companies in Russia may receive a single management structure, which will have to lead just the current Director General of "KAMAZ". However, this option should be subject to the approval of the shareholders of the two plants, and to obtain the approval of the government and the Ministry of economic development.According to other information, too can lead the management company AVTOVAZ and KAMAZ factory will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors, which now occupies the head of the Ministry of industry and energy Viktor Khristenko. In this case, the Director of KAMAZ can lead the Volga automobile plant in late November in the framework of the regular Board of Directors of the company.Meanwhile, representatives of the factories have so far refused to comment on the possible transition Kogogin. At AVTOVAZ this information is called the rumors, and KAMAZ reported that the final decision on this issue "still pending".According to experts, the emergence of the Volga automobile plant a new CEO can have ambiguous consequences for the enterprise. Читать полностью -->

Stopped doing the most expensive Chevrolet Niva

Stopped doing the most expensive Chevrolet NivaJV `GM-AVTOVAZ announced the cessation of production of SUV Chevrolett Niva FAM1, IA `Ladaonline`. Recall that the index FAM1 means that the engine Niva is a 2.0-liter petrol engine of Opel production capacity of 122 HP and import transmission. And in the equipment of the machine includes not only electric, but also 2 air bags, air conditioning. Allegedly stopping the production of such a machine is connected with the suspension GM engine Assembly FAM1 at the factory in Hungary. But there is another view Chevrolet Niva FAM1 stopped due to low demand for the model. Indeed, such Niva was worth recently 629 000 rubles, or $26 600!auto.mail.ru28.04.2008. Читать полностью -->

Subaru sorry about the partnership with Toyota

Subaru sorry about the partnership with ToyotaRear-wheel drive coupe, developed by Toyota and Subaru, may adversely affect the image of the latter. In an interview with Automotive News reported export Director Fuji Heavy Industries, which owns Subaru, Matt Nagato (Mat I).On the joint development of a new rear-drive platform of the Japanese company announced back in 2007. Automakers are planning to start production based coupe in 2010. The car will be sold under the Toyota brand, and under the trademark Subaru, and technical stuffing of both machines is the same, under the hood will be installed "Subaru" boxer engines with a displacement of 2.0 - and 2.5 liters. Differences will only become apparent in the exterior of the machine.Corporation Fuji Heavy Industries positions belonging to her the Subaru brand as a world leader in the production of all-wheel drive vehicles. In the event of a rear-wheel drive model, which also will be a clone of the Toyota, Subaru runs the risk of ruining its reputation."We can lose our historic market niche. Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen Touran: complete Champion

Volkswagen Touran: complete Champion VW Touran is a compact MPV in excellent performance, comfortable ride, built on the platform of the fifth generation Golf. Unusual name car - Touran is made up of two words - Tour and Sharan.According to the developers, it became synonymous with comfortable travel to any distance. The minivan has a pretty energetic body design with powerful wheel arches and interesting design of the front part.Touran in complete Champion is much more interesting than its counterpart in picking Trendline. The new car is equipped with alloy wheels `Hockenheim` with tires 205/55 R16.Arm opening doors painted in body color. The van is equipped with: automatic climate control `Climatronic` with separate temperature control, front and rear power Windows, multi-function display `Plus` (extended functions) and a travelling computer in the dashboard.The seat padding and inserts in the doors made of cloth `Popcorn` with embossed surface.Touran Champion stands out among its competitors enhanced comfort - folding front passenger seat can be fully folded to form a table. Front seats have lumbar support, and even a minivan equipped spatialdata and remontiruyushegosya Luggage rack.In this configuration Touran has a Central front armrest with adjustable height and reach, with alcove and 2 vents of the ventilation system for the 2nd series.In the modified car Touran installed radio RCD 500` with integrated CD changer and 8 speakers.In addition, the company's `Auto Ganza` you can buy a new package - Suite, which is valid only for a complete set Highline (TRN). Читать полностью -->

The cheapest car got to Europe

The cheapest car got to Europe Indian automaker itself the world's cheapest car Tata Motors brought in Geneva, the European version of the Nano model, quite different from the original version. Just note that the Tata Nano Europa 2 $ 500 (the price of the car in India) do not have to wait. The minimum cost of the car in Europe will be from 5 000 euros.Tata Nano Europa got a longer wheelbase (2 280 mm), higher quality materials, 14-inch alloy wheels, steering with electric power steering, led lights and so on. In addition, the Tata Nano Europa is equipped with safety systems - ABS and stabilization. Sales of CD in Europe are planned for 2011.carpark.ru05.03.2009. . Читать полностью -->

New Subaru Legacy debuted in Japan

New Subaru Legacy debuted in Japan New Subaru Legacy debuted in Japan. The fifth generation model was introduced to a whole series, which includes three options with different body type: wagon Touring Wagon, wagon Outback terrain, as well as the B4 sedan.The car received a full drive, updated horizontally positioned motor and variator LineartronicT. The fifth generation Legacy was more in length, width and height, increased and trunk volume. Also, the developers managed to reduce the turning radius of 5.5 metersUpdated Subaru Legacy received four-cylinder petrol engine displacement 2.5 l (this option fuel consumption is only of 7.1 liters per hundred), and "six" volume of 3.6 l - it replaced a three-liter unit.The engines are paired with a CVT LineartronicT or six-speed mechanics.auto.utro.ru21.05.2009. . . Читать полностью -->

Fiat 500 became the winner of the European Car of the Year - the

Fiat 500 became the winner of the European Car of the Year - theAfter the recognition of the winner "contest autocracy" in Italian Milan new generation Fiat 500 won the title of best car Europe, ahead of claiming the honorary title of competitors from Japan, USA, South Korea and France.The announcement of the annual results, forty-fifth, of the competition "car of the year 2008" in Europe was to be held on 19 November this year. However, according to the journalists of the Italian publication La Repubblica, the results of this competition are already known. The jury, which consisted of 58 judges from 22 countries, choosing the best of more than 30 models, Izvestia reports.According to Italian newspaper the winner of the European competition "2008 European Car of the Year" became the most popular Italian car Fiat 500, scored 385 points. "Silver" in this year the jury gave the Japanese Mazda2 won her the 325 points. And in third place was the Ford Mondeo with 202 points.It also became known as distributed the following four items. In fourth place is Kia CEE'd (166 points), fifth - Nissan Qashqai (147), the sixth - Mercedes C-class (128). Читать полностью -->

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