Chrysler half will reduce the range of SUVs

Chrysler half will reduce the range of SUVs Chrysler intends over the next few years to reduce their lineup of SUVs half. In an interview with Bloomberg said the President of the American concern Jim Press (Jim Press). What model is planned to be removed from production, he did not elaborate. Recall now that in total under the brand names Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge produced 11 SUVs.Earlier it was reported that the reduction in the range Chrysler conducts in order to implement the program by reducing costs, but also due to the fact that many cars of different brands American concern very similar to each other, and this, according to the Press, to confuse buyers and affects the sales. So instead of cars, whose production will be discontinued, Chrysler intends to develop a completely new model for those market segments where company cars are not yet available. In addition, Chrysler also plans to cut about 20 percent of the number of dealerships in the United States.Recall that late last year the company had already announced the end of production due to low sales of the three models of Chrysler (Pacifica, Crossfire, PT Cruiser), and Dodge

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