Toyota will revive the legendary Supra

Toyota will revive the legendary Supra If you are a fan of Toyota, it is likely that either drive or dream to ride in a Supra. Despite the fact that the model is not available since 2002, it continues to be a favorite among sports Toyota's for sure.From the same 2002 in fan-circulate rumors about the new generation of cars. Six months ago the discussion was particularly active in the media has reported that Toyota together with Subaru develop affordable rear-wheel drive car - isn't that Supra?However, in Japan, it seems, other plans for the legendary model. According to some reports, Supra will return in 2011, but it will not be shared with Subaru development, and platform hybrid concept FT-HS.The conceptual novelty was shown in 2007, however, Toyota said then that a hybrid car is not in her immediate plans.Be that as it may, the plans seem to have changed. According to some, this decision of the new head of the company - Akio Toyoda a big fan of Motorsport.As expected, the novelty will receive a 3.5-liter V6 from the model GS450H and system of the hybrid drive JDM Crown Hybrid - all together will produce more than 400 HP, However, the new Supra can get and conventional gasoline engine is probably the same V6 3.5

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