Mercedes will go on `gull wing`

Mercedes will go on `gull wing`It is expected that this year Mercedes-Benz will present the new supercoupe called SLC Gullwing. But, as it turned out, the German company is working on one coupe, which will stand on the step below. According to British magazine AutoExpress, called this car will be SLK Gullwing. In AutoExpress sure that the new coupe will have not only a gasoline engine, but a hybrid!The new generation SLK will get much more aggressive appearance and, most importantly, the model will be the original door upward (so-called `gull wing`). Well, the main competitors of the new SLK Gullwing will be such cars as the Porsche Cayman and Audi TT.It is also interesting that the new SLK can get a hybrid with a high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to the latest SLK Gullwing will be able to drive about 200 miles on one electric energy. And only when batteries are discharged, it will take effect petrol V6 engine displacement 3.5 l, which will recharge the battery.Appears on the model and the system, similar to the KERS, which this year can be used in Formula 1. KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) is a system of recovery of kinetic energy. Special KERS batteries will store energy generated during braking, and then `throw` it to the desired time (for example, when overtaking).auto.mail.ru30.01.2009.

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