Chrysler is asking for support from member Car

Chrysler is asking for support from member CarAmerican car manufacturer Chrysler Corporation need immediate help from the state. Otherwise, the amount of its assets will be reduced to the level at which it will be impossible to stay in business. This statement was made by the head of the company Robert Nardelli.He also said that Chrysler monthly spend from $4 to $5 billion in taxes and other payments. At the same time the head of the company noted that Chrysler will be protected from bankruptcy.Recall, on the eve of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate has prepared a bill to support the automobile industry of the country, under threat of collapse. The authors of the bill propose to allocate the automotive sector $25 billion of the 700 billion aid package to the national economy. These funds are to be allocated from the second half of the anti-crisis Fund in the form of loans with an initial rate of 5%. Credits will be awarded to those companies that would provide the government strategy of "long-term financial stability". In exchange for government aid to the automakers must impose restrictions on bonuses and so-called "Golden parachutes" (termination compensation) for their top managers.The white house immediately responded to the proposed action. Press Secretary of the President of the USA George Bush Dana Perino said the administration opposes the use of the anti-crisis package of $700 billion to help the automotive sector. This package was approved by the U.S. Congress in October S., and is designed to stabilize the financial industry.The American automotive industry is in deep crisis, which was exacerbated by a shortage of liquidity. The "big three" - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler - asks Federal government support to stay afloat. The largest U.S. automaker General Motors has already announced that it may be without cash by the end of 2008, when the government comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, the administration j.Bush is in no hurry to take action and does not preclude the bankruptcy of major

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