Oleg Deripaska claims Romanian Daewoo

Oleg Deripaska claims Romanian Daewoo The company `Russian machines` in the person of the owner Oleg Deripaska has applied for participation in the tender, which will determine the new owner of Daewoo plant in Romania. In addition to Russian businessman for a controlling stake claim of General Motors Corporation and Ford Motor Company, said the Romanian state Commission on privatization.On sale 94,4% of the Romanian company. Plant, home based Daewoo Motor in 1998, the Annual production capacity is 130 thousand vehicles and 300 thousand engines. Previously 51% of shares were owned by Daewoo, and 49% by the Romanian state, which it gave the car company Craiova. After the bankruptcy of Daewoo plant cuts production to 30 thousand per year. In 2006, the Romanian government has purchased securities owned by the Koreans, with the purpose to resell major automaker. According to experts, the stake is worth around $200 millionCarClub.ru27.04.2007.

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